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Heavy Hitters Strength & Size

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This a 4 step program and it’s sold individually, each step will give you a custom program. With this program you will have access to 1 direct email a month (please allow 24-48 hrs for a response).”

NOTE: Please make sure to fill out the questions as accurately as possible,  this will help us set your custom program accurately.

Heavy Hitter Strength and Size 12 Week Programming-

The heavy hitter strength and size program is tailored to gain as much size as possible while increasing strength. This is the structure used by the heavy hitters during their off season programming to maximize muscle mass while gaining strength while not peaking for competition. The Heavy hitter strength and size program is a progression program that is built on a year cycle. Each phase of the program is a progression of either intensity, volume and specificity of the barbell to ensure muscle growth, muscle confusion and increase of strength. Each phase becomes increasingly more challenging to ensure that the athlete will be forced to grow and increase strength. At the end of the last phase of the year cycle, the athlete will max to reestablish their working maxes.


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